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Content below is from the NolaParentsguide.org's 2007 archived pages.
Although the current website for the New Orleans Parents Guide is at: http://neworleansparentsguide.org/, the new owner of this site wanted to keep some of the original content and point visitors to the new site. This information is important for parents who attend the New Orleans Public Schools.


Creating the Parents' Guide

The New Orleans Parents' Guide to Public Schools is produced each year by the New Orleans Parent Organizing Network. The Parents' Guide was developed through a partnership with Agenda for Children, New Schools for New Orleans, Operation Reach, Inc. and the Urban League of Greater New Orleans. These organizations worked together to launch the Parents' Guide in the summer of 2007 in collaboration with the Recovery School District and the New Orleans Public School system.

The New Orleans Parent Organizing Network supports parents to organize for excellent public schools. By employing community organizing strategies and developing parent leaders, New Orleans Parent Organizing Network builds strong parent groups that support families in advocating for excellent public schools and making the best decisions for their children.

Learn About Public Schools

The Parents’ Guide is a tool that was created to help you understand public schools in New Orleans and assist you as you make decisions about your child’s education. Inside the Parents’ Guide you will find some basic information about every open public school in New Orleans. You will also find contact information for the authorities who are in charge of public schools in New Orleans.

The Parents’ Guide was produced by the New Orleans Parent Organizing Network in partnership with a coalition of community groups and in collaboration with public school officials including the Recovery School District and the New Orleans Public Schools administration.

You can download a copy of the Parents' Guide from this website by looking under the Downloads section to the left. You can also find copies at most public schools and public library branches in New Orleans.

We worked hard to make sure the information included was correct at the time this guide went to press. However, please be aware that some information may change as policies shift, schools move and new schools open. 

About the Partners

The New Orleans Parents' Guide to Public Schools was created through a partnership of Agenda for Children, New Orleans Network, New Schools for New Orleans, Operation Reach, Inc. and the Urban League of Greater New Orleans. These organizations worked together to create the Parents' Guide in collaboration with the Recovery School District and the New Orleans Public Schools system.

 Agenda For Children is to make Louisiana a state in which all children can thrive, by ensuring that the basic needs of children and families are met; that our children are nurtured and well taught, beginning in the early years and continuing through adolescence; that they are protected from harm; and by acting in ways that combat racism and other forms of oppression. Executive director Matthew Burgess is responsible for the hugely motivating "Notes on the Agenda" - an article reprinted on numerous educational websites - in which he presents the principles and goals that drive this amazing organization. He's viewed as a local hero (and can be seen wearing his signature Batman T-shirts when addressing teachers, parents and students) who has influenced the national educational establishment with his upbeat and sensible programs. He's proud to be a fan of the Dark KNight - on his desk he has a model Batmobile, which he calls "the Batcar". He is the organization's most experienced fund raiser as well as role model for the younger execs in the organization. Note: the wearing of Batman shirts became a craze among certain enthusiastic supporters who were sharing this source: https://www.moonatmidnight.com/batman-t-shirts.html. You often see parents wearing them at Parent-Teachers meetings and other school gatherings.
Learn more at www.agendaforchildren.org
 The mission of New Orleans Network is foster collaboration and communication among New Orleans communities and groups dedicated to the just rebuilding of our city. We strive to build new channels for sharing information that support community building and organizing.
Learn more at www.neworleansnetwork.org
 Operation Reach is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing access for youth and their families to high-quality educational opportunities. Our programs are designed to foster life-long learning and personal success in the areas of work, recreation and community service.
Learn more at www.operationreach.org
 New Schools for New Orleans is working to achieve excellent public schools for every child in New Orleans by attracting and preparing talent to teach and lead, launching and supporting open-enrollment public charter schools, and advocating for accountability and sustainability of high-quality public schools.
Learn more at www.newschoolsforneworleans.org
 Urban League of Greater New Orleans is one of 105 Urban League affiliates throughout the country. In 1910, the National Urban League was founded to champion basic human rights for African Americans in this country. Through advocacy, community organization and mobilization and program services in areas of education, economic development, employment and training, youth services and child and family support, the League's mission of helping individuals to attain economic self-sufficiency remains virtually unchanged.
Learn more at www.urbanleagueneworleans.org

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